Monday, May 17, 2010

Photo Dojo Review

Written by pikaby

Photo Dojo is one of the shallowest fighting games I've ever played in my entire life. Your on-screen character can only have one punch, kick, fireball and a last-resort final move to use, and you use it to defeat on-screen enemies. In single-player mode, you beat a hundred, and the game ends. Shallow.

But saying that would be completely missing the point. Photo Dojo's real purpose is really to extract laughs out of everyone in the room as the fighter fumbles around doing his nonsense, basic attacks. And the on-screen character can be anyone. Out goes Street Fighter and Tekken, instead, you can register up to eight people or things using the DSi Camera to record poses and sounds for each fighter. In comes your granddad, Chuck Norris, Captain Falcon and yourself.  You truly have to play it just to see how hilarious it can get when you're fighting off a giant version of yourself with a 'fireball' shaped like your nan's face with all your rubbish voices. Don't forget, you provide the game with 'fighting arenas' too- all the backgrounds in the game are also taken with the camera!

It would have benefited from a little more gameplay, but then again it's not meant to have any real depth or substance in it. Photo Dojo thrives by being completely shallow and empty and you'll just be truly entertained by it until you get bored.

This has to be played with company(and probably several crates of beer) to get the full effect, and I'd say it could be the perfect ice-breaker at parties. And at the unbeatable price of absolutely free, why not give it a go? (it's worth 200 points after June 11 this year, but I'd say it's still worth it)

Score: 7.5/10

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