Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's the 3DS' real name?

The real name for the upcoming 3DS might not be so far off anymore. At a recent financial briefing Iwata told the press:

"Since we've stated that it will go on sale during the present term, I think the formal name will be made public in the not so distant future."

'Not-so-distant-future' basically referring to this year's E3. Remember when the Wii's real name was announced, and the magic motion controlling remote was finally revealed to the world? Near-damnation for the ballsy, daring originality of the name, and complete frenzy over the controller, which everybody wanted to try the minute they saw the thing.

Come on, Nintendo, I'm all fully prepared for any ridiculous yet genius name you might give to the 3DS. And just wait for another repeat of the E3 Wii stampede. Oh yeah, those were the good times.

Wanna try guessing what Nintendo will call the 3DS? Wii generated a lot of toilet jokes. Will this one?
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