Friday, May 14, 2010

Japanese Weekly Sales- May 3 to May 9 2010

Written by pikaby

While PSP sales were still going strong thanks to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (I didn't blog about the sales last week, but the PSP was through the roof that time- more than 100k units!), Nintendo is fast catching up. Again. DS sales buoyed partly by the release of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, and the Wii still riding on New Super Mario Bros. Wii's success. I'd love to think that people are buying Wiis because Galaxy 2 is nearly out, but then I don't know if that's the case.

PSP 35,233
Wii 31,399
DSi LL 26,733
PS3 26,185
DSi 15,739
Xbox 360 4,278
DS Lite 3,921
PS2 1,491
PSP go 1,464

I won't type out the entire software list, but the top ten are still predominated by Nintendo games, which mysteriously still sell so well even after a year of being released (heads up, Wii Sports Resort, Tomodachi Collection). And something even older that still makes the top ten charts(what the F, Mario Kart Wii. What're you still doing here?)

1. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
2. Metal Gear Solud: Peace Walker
3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4. Tomodachi Collection
5. Mario Kart Wii (what!?)
6. Wii Fit Plus
7. Super Street Fighter IV
8. Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light
9. Wii Sports Resort
10. Nier Replicant
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