Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets 10 out of 10 from EDGE

Written by pikaby

Marvel at the pieces, but appreciate the whole. This isn’t a game that redefines the genre: this is one that rolls it up and locks it away. We’ve come so far, from stepping on mushrooms to drop-kicking meteors into the heart of the sun; Galaxy 2 offers a new understanding of where we’ve been, a new sense of wonder at where we’ll go next. [10]
Beautiful. Just beautiful. EDGE Magazine is one of the most stingy reviewers when it comes to handing down review points to games. A game that gets a perfect 10 from this British magazine goes down in history already, and believe me, I've never seen a perfect 10 from this magazine since I started browsing through it a year ago.(though maybe I missed something- can anyone point out other games with 10/10s from EDGE?)

The full review is here, and it's penned exactly like a love letter to gaming. But, wait, how did EDGE get their mitts on the game before anyone else? I guess the game's already finished and Nintendo just wants to keep us waiting a bit longer.
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