Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pokemon Black/White Starters revealed!

Written by pikaby

Image from Pokebeach

No more fakes. This is how it's going to be laid out for us this generation. Shocked?

The three starters are to the right of the scan, and although we now know what they look like no official names have been confirmed. The Grass/Water/Fire trinity remains for a fifth time, but the region and main characters are all but the same.

The new region is the region of Isshu, located far away from where Johto/Kanto and Sinnoh are. That's not the continent map, but that's a handsome-looking sea port. Is this going to be in 3D too?

The main Pokemon Trainers of Isshu are much older than all the children/teenage trainers from all the previous games, being portrayed as adults. Is this supposed to mean that Pokemon has now matured? I do remember vaguely about something like that in Ishihara's blog.... Still doesn't prevent them from being shrunk to one unit tall in-game though.
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