Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nintendo: The Wii isn't Over Yet

Written by pikaby

On the same financial report by Iwata (read the blog post below you), he mentions that the Wii still has legs to run on, and that no pressure was on Nintendo to make a successor to it....however, there is new hardware in the works to succeed the Wii, but that will have to be released slowly.

Iwata believes the Wii still has a chance of snapping back at the competition, like the Pokemon series did for the aging Game Boy back in 1996. They just have to find that killer app that will pull them back into the fold.

Wait, haven't we been through this before? First Wii Fit, then Wii Sports Resort, then New Super Mario Bros. Wii, these were the best system pushers ever for the Wii. Will there be another one? Time will tell if the Wii's still got a ways to go. Especially with third party support drying up.
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