Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super Mario Bros. League of Extraordinary Heroes- Chapter 1

 With Daisyfan's permission I'll place his fanfic on the blog chapter by chapter. It's a pretty good read, so check it out if you have the time to read long paragraphs on a screen. Click 'Read more'!

Chapter 2: Awakening
Mario awoke to the sound of a soothing voice. “Peach, I’m glad that I rescued you two in time. I’m afraid the wrath of Bowser’s army isn’t over” the voice said. Mario opened his eyes, and saw bright lights in an empty horizon. As his vision cleared he noticed the bright lights were stars, he was in outer space. A blue luma passed Mario and twirled when Mario looked at it. Mario lifted himself up to see he was on Rosalina’s star station. Rosalina approached Mario, “Mario, I knew you would be okay, but this reunion must be caught short. It seems though you defeated Bowser himself, his army still stands, and they plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom completely”. Mario replied “Who is left in Bowser’s army to take on such a challenge”? “Well, it seems Bowser Jr. has taken over in his father’s absence, and has joined forces with other enemies. They are weak, but their army is vast. . . .Mario . . . I have a duty to the galaxies, and I’m afraid I cannot give you the help you need; Bowser’s army did much damage. But I can give you a gift”. Rosalina waved her wand and lumas started spinning around him, and then they all exploded into shimmering dust, which then dissolved into Mario. “This will increase your abilities, your power. I hope this helps you on your journey. As of now I must away, and give relief to the star. Goodbye Mario, goodbye Peach”. Rosalina then waved her wand again and a beam of light guided them to Peach’s castle.

It was a regular day at the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi looked into the sky and awaited the return of his brother, and Peach. He missed them, but he had Daisy to keep him company. They had planned to accompany Mario and Peach, but with all that happened recently they didn’t want Peach’s castle to be left alone. It was a sunny day, and the glare tickled Luigi’s face. He and Daisy had just played a round of tennis and the two were exhausted. Luigi thought Daisy was a lot of fun, but he also felt something deeper. She was a tomboy for sure, but she was also a princess, and for that matter, an attractive princess. Though Luigi wasn’t sure what she felt. He was almost certain she just wanted to be friends. He would make a move, but he wouldn’t want to ruin what they had. Which was a strong friendship, but at times, he almost thought they acted like they were dating. What he really wanted was a relationship as strong as his brothers, and Princess Daisy of Sarasaland may be just that.

Daisy walked up to Luigi, her blue eyes glistening in the sun. “Hey Luigi, I think it’s about time we headed inside to grab a bite to eat” Daisy said, as she linked arms with Luigi and headed inside Peach’s Castle. As they were about to enter Luigi spotted something in the corner of his eye. He looked into the sky, and saw Peach’s plane plummeting towards Peach’s Castle. “Luigi! We have to evacuate the castle, quick” Daisy said as she ran inside. “Daisy . . . wait!” Luigi said as he rushed in after her. Luigi could hear Daisy ordering the toads to exit the castle. But he couldn’t specifically track where she was. “Daisy! Where are you?” Luigi yelled. With all the ruckus there was no way Daisy could hear him. Dozens of toads began to exit the castle. Toadsworth ran by with Toadette by his side. “Luigi, I recommend you get out of here. The explosion will surely take out half of the building” Toadsworth said as he motioned Luigi to exit. “I need to save Daisy, I’ll meet with you on the other side” Luigi said as he farther into the castle. The plane must have been seconds away from hitting the castle; Luigi would have to hurry if he was to save Daisy in time.

Daisy was sure she evacuated the entire castle, but now there was little time for her to exit herself. She ran down a hallway and stared out a window. She saw the plane in the sky, engulfed in red flames, and it would only be seconds before the plane hit. Daisy ran to the end of the hall to see the door was sealed shut. It seemed the toads were smart enough to think they may be able to contain the fire by trapping it on one side of the castle, but now she was trapped. Daisy collapsed to the ground, she was going to die. Though she knew her death wouldn’t be in vain, she had saved an entire castle of living beings. As she stared out the window, witnessing her impending doom the door behind her slid open. It was Luigi; he had a key card in hand. “Toadsworth gave me this; I hoped it would come in handy”. Luigi grabbed Daisy’s hand and lifted her up. She then kissed him on the check, and then they ran for cover. The plane was going to impact; they had to get as far away as they could. 

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