Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miyamoto regrets games he does, hints at Wii Music 2

Written by pikaby

"As soon as we've finished a project, I always have regrets about what we could or should've done. But then there are these great ideas that we can utilise with future projects, one way or another. Some people might say Wii Music is a good example. It's been said that it could have sold much more than it actually has to date, but it simply means that I have some assets right now that, by tweaking something, we might be able to have great success with in future." - Shigeru Miyamoto

So he doesn't regret making all those games to melt children's brains and turning them into basement-dwelling zombies? Oh wait, that's World of Warcraft.

So he finishes a game, and right after finishing it he regrets that more features weren't put in? Don't they have like, a testing center or something? If anything Shigsy himself should be invited to test the finished product and see if he's satisfied with it. I guess if that were to happen, Nintendo games would all be delayed years and years.

'A delayed game can turn out to be good, a bad game is bad forever' suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

He mentioned Wii Music, of all things. Hinting at a sequel? More contemporary songs and game music, please!
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