Friday, May 14, 2010

Artwork/Screenshots of Pokemon Black/White

Written by pikaby

No one's waiting for CoroCoro any longer, not even the Japanese official Pokemon site. Just look at all these gorgeous shots! Attack animations look largely the same though, but the environments are given a huge facelift.

Whew, already it looks more impressive than Sinnoh ever managed to be. Guess it's the new camera angle and the new graphics. Okay, so technically the graphics haven't been improved by much, since they're still on the same system with the same specs and the same engine, but still better and crisper.
Marketplace and port, all in Hiun City? Refreshing! I like this new '3D' viewing angle. It's more immersive than ever. By the way, this Hiun City serves as the central city for the Isshu region. Whether or not you start out from there or from some other sleepy hollow in the region is still not known yet, though I'd love to start the journey from here and branch out to the surrounding places. Makes for a change of journeying from town to town in a linear fashion.

Looking at this reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge. Except with less color.

First screens of the new battle arena. Note some attacks still look the same. You can practically taste the Water Pulse in the last shot. Must be hard reanimating so many hundreds of attacks, eh?

Shiny Raikou vs. Shiny Entei. No surprise there, until an Aura Sphere does super effective damage to Entei...what? Oh, it's Zoroark and his newfangled Illusion ability. He even copies the Pokemon's name, so you won't know what to do with him until a Fighting-type move comes into play to expose it. Also, transparent text box, and revamped Pokemon back sprites too. The HP bar doesn't look too bad either.

And here's our main location, Hiun City. For a city it's more complex than anything else in the series, and hopefully a lot larger too. Pokemon needs expansive areas to explore, something which it usually lacks thanks to the too-convenient Fly move.

Main characters of the game, fully adult Trainers instead of a teenager starting out on his journey. What will this mean for the overall structure of the game? Since you're adults you're probably past that 'wanna be the best' stage, so where do Gyms fit in? What's the point of changing the main characters' age? Something good is in store for us here, I can feel it.
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