Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nintendo forecasts first profit slip in 6 years

Written by pikaby

Source: Gamespot

Looks like the Wii isn't keeping up its momentum anymore. This is just a forecast though, so maybe Nintendo will be able to reach their target in the end. Their profits should drop from $2.96billion to $2.44billion for this fiscal year, according to them. I'm not that good with economics and the like so if you want a better financial read you can always click the Gamespot link.

But anyway this is mainly caused by declining sales of both the Wii and DS. Not surprising, especially since everyone who wants one will have already bought it by this time- heck, both consoles have already been in the market for years! In Japan, each person would have already owned at least two different models of the Nintendo DS! With the market saturated, how wouldn't the sales go down? Besides, if they're still raking in billions it's not exactly a significant drop.

Nintendo hopes the black colored Wii will hook the final stragglers who, after all this time, are still considering whether to get a Wii or not. It's a great package($200 for a Wii, Wiimote, Nunchuk, Motion Plus, and both Wii Sports games- blimey!), but really, I can't think of anyone who doesn't have a Wii but would still want one at this point. Those big games they've planned out(Galaxy 2, Metroid and Zelda), well, let's see if those 3 will shift systems as well as New Super Mario Bros. did.
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