Sunday, May 9, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - May 9, 2010

Written by pikaby

One fame, one shame, and one non star- beggar! Which flipnotes will I feature this week?

Welcome again to the weekly Flipnote Feature! See Dr. Octagonapus in the screenshot above again? That's the first flipnote I'm featuring today, made by the venerable Dr. Toadley, a god among flipnote makers in the US region. You won't find this skit on Youtube unlike the previous one. It involves himself finding a magic lamp.....with the laser-firing lunatic inside it. But he manages to stall the blast for a few seconds..and the result is a lot of funny. Watch it to find out!

Managed to crack Flipnote Hatena's top three, this one! Already has nearly one hundred thousand stars, it even has a blue star! People love Internet memes like breakfast.

For PC users, here's the link to Dr. Toadley's flipnote:

DSi command code is: Right B down A A L B R left up

The next flipnote belongs in the hall of shame!

Like most star-begging flips, it makes a random statement and asks you to add stars if you agree to what he said (the recent most annoying ones are the love/hate Justin Bieber flips- get off his case, guys!). This one gets a ton of supporters, but also sends a disturbing message to the rest of us....It's a school-hating flipnote.

The word 'SCHOOL' appears. It neatly rearranges itself as an acronym for 'Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives'. Bringing up the topic about hating school stirs up some strong feelings- where else would you get your knowledge, friends and childhood memories from? Life with no school? Unimaginable. This guy needs to get his priorities straightened out and waste less of his life on Hatena. But....all the lazy bums who agree with him keep on adding stars *those who wasted green, red and blue stars to this mess, you know who you are*, and as a result, this flip has in excess of seven hundred thousand stars and also managed to break through to first place on Hatena, but attained through notoriety. It's also been featured in tons of channels that portray this flipnote as a failure and a scam. I'm surprised it hasn't been reported yet.

But for posterity's sake, here's the PC link to the original(not the billion spinoffs that came as a result of people who just want more stars):

And the DSi command is: Up left A down up left R X right R

Shower hate, all you people!

And the last flipnote for this a star beggar too?

A cute Charmander....caught in the rain, and he starts crying? Sound familiar? Yeah, throughout the whole thing I was expecting and expecting the sentence 'Add stars to cheer him up/save him/adopt him/etc.'. But......

...There was nary a star-begging sentence anywhere in that flip. And just to push the point home the rain subsides and the clouds part to reveal beams of sunlight at the end of the flipnote and Charmander stops crying. He's stuck in the same pose but that doesn't make him any less adorable. Good show in putting all the rest of the star beggars to shame! Made by smarque1. Speaks a lot of Spanish, this guy. Already has lots of green stars and over 30,000 regular ones, so it's quite high up there.

Support this crusader of good flipnotes! Here's the PC link:

And for DSi users, the command code is: Y up X Y left right B Y Y down

I've got a few more planned out for next week so be sure to check this space, same time, next week! See you on the next frame!


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