Monday, May 31, 2010

Molester lured Boys with Nintendo Wii

Written by pikaby

Sex offenders have come a long way from using candy to lure children to them, eh?
This one, masquerading as a fake Buddhist monk, sails the good name of our Nintendo Wii by using it as his bait for satisfying his pedophilic desires. The guy would invite young boys over to play his Wii, and then sexually assault them. How sick (the above picture from Kotaku shows it perfectly). What's even weirder is that his whole modus operandi was recreated in CG-o-vision so people know what he did.

The 46-year old has been arrested by Taiwanese police. Thank heavens. Someone tell the world that 'Wii' and 'sex' don't belong together. We don't need anymore of these. WTF news of the week get!


  1. they show these on [adult swim] as bumps sometimes

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