Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mario Galaxy 2 details from ONM review

Written by pikaby

Source: GoNintendo

Man, how do reviewers get their copies of the game so early? I'm starting to get envious...this time is UK Official Nintendo Magazine. And some interesting details for Mario Galaxy 2 came out of it. GoNintendo has the full list, I'm just going to go ahead and post those which are relatively more intriguing.

- Galaxy 2 takes place in an alternate reality where Mario and the Lumas never met

So it's not a direct sequel to Galaxy 1? What in the universe has happened to the......universe?

 - the big Luma is known as 'Lubba'
- Lubba needs power starts to fuel the ship, which Bowser has stolen...alongside Peach

That big purple lug that operates the Starship? Fair enough. We have our main storyline now, which is as always, so shallow it could be written on a toothpick.

- 40+ galaxies

We're not starving for variety, but I really want more stages than Galaxy 1. I mean, come on!

- Spring Mario only makes 2 appearances


- Luigi becomes playable in some fashion once you reach 20 stars

Oh yeah, he's 'helping' you gather Power Stars again (see Transmission 8). Hope he isn't going to tire out after 3 again.

- Another playable character is hinted at for when you reach 120

Now this is news to me. Another one? Who could it be? Speculate away!

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