Monday, May 31, 2010

Sonic Colors leaked info

Written by pikaby

You get the feeling that some degree of hype is building up for Sonic when info is leaked from the latest magazine. In this case, a rumor is going around that Sonic Colors info was leaked from the latest Nintendo Power. Are people actually getting excited for it now?

- Sweet Mountain zone and Tropical Reservoir zone featured
- Sweet Mountain - mountain of pastries
- 3D sections focus more on running from A to B, much like the daytime stages of Unleashed
- 2D sections feature more platforming
- DS version is much like Sonic Rush series, complete with a tension guage
- Tails is in the story mode, but not playable there
- story is simple, light, and goofy
- Knuckles and Shadow may also make an appearance
- Eggmanland returns as well
- a level with giant cheeseburgers, and you also bounce off of Jello

Sourced from GoNintendo.


  1. Nintendo, can you please tell Sega to enhance Sonic with better graphics, because I have seen a leaked picture of him, and he does not look good. :(

  2. Colors looks nice. At least holds a candle to the original Mario Galaxy (gasp, dare I say it?)