Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I hate getting shafted...

Written by pikaby

*pikaby rants* You know that black Wii that's supposed to come out in the US on May 9th? I didn't feel it until I watched Nintendo Week just yesterday, but now I feel a bit ripped off.

Everything the white Wii had, plus a Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort.....for FREE? (it costs $200, exactly the same as a regular Wii package- those are going to be pretty out of style come next week). Think of all the money I could've saved if I just waited 3 more years before trying to get a Wii! (not in my life, not when there are so many games already out for it, but I'm just saying)

Console + Wiimote, Nunchuk + Wii Sports - $200
Wii Sports Resort - $50
Wii Motion Plus - $35

Total $285


But then again, if everyone were to wait for this package to be announced, no one would have bought into Motion Plus and WSR in the first place, and then this package wouldn't have existed then. It's a case of one leading to another. So in effect, after millions of people had already paid the EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS for their standalone copies of WSR and an extra Motion Plus (can't play the game without multiplayer now, can we?), Nintendo announces this to hook the final few stragglers that still haven't bought a Wii after so long, which probably isn't that many people left. Nintendo really knows how to wrestle those dollars from your hands. And those that already have one *cough* why would they want another Wii?(unless it's those 'gathering dust, sold my Wii' people), and an extra color doesn't justify things enough. I don't know who's going to benefit from this.

By the way, it's not just the black, the regular old white Wii will also be getting the same treatment, so you can still buy a white Wii and get all these freebies.

But again, who hasn't already got one if they wanted one? What about you? Is the black Wii for you?

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  1. I'm getting a black one. I just think white is an ugly color, plus my custom skin would look much better on a black one. This guy I work with is going to buy my current wii and I'll use that money to get a shiny black one.