Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver in greater 3D

Written by pikaby

See anything familiar? This is the same Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, but a clever cheat code activates this mode. Details if you click on Read More~!

Done by Pokemon hacker player, xSoulSilverxD on Youtube, the Action Replay cheat switches the camera angle to a point where it's practically flat- there are some things hidden behind walls you can't even see! It's lower than in the upcoming Pokemon Gen 5 games, Black/White. One of the best uses of cheat codes I've ever seen- the nerds truly shall inherit the earth.

There is a warning about corrupting your game data, so be aware of that. Or just try it on a crummy emulated version just to admire how cool it all looks.

Does give a lot of food for thought- the DS Pokemon games are capable of displaying the game in a more 3D view like this, so why didn't Nintendo make any use of it? Just look at the wasted power of the graphics engine in every one of them.

Here's the video.

I can see your eyes twitching now...want the cheat code? Read the description!

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