Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mario Galaxy 2: Gameplay videos 5 and 6

Written by pikaby

Transmission 5 came out a bit late, so I decided to combine it and the next one that came out. Ten more trailers to go! I know, that's a lot of Galaxy 2 to take in. It's almost like a daily update. Disturbing how there's so much blank footage though- makes more than half of the video seem worthless. But still.

Oh, and the videos which these showed up on, an account dubiously just called 'Wii', did indeed belong to Nintendo, and they're releasing Galaxy 2 mini-trailers in short bursts like these on Youtube. It's quite possibly the first time I've seen them use this sort if viral marketing. Saves costs, I guess, since most of the money would have already been used to make the game itself.

Transmission 5, showing the same galaxy which Nintendo used in the Co-op trailer, except it's continuous and shows just a bit more of what baby Chico can do. He not only grabs coins and other essentials to Mario, but he has a spin attack of his own too, to clear off any enemies that might obstruct Mario. He's cute like any other Luma, and really useful!

And with the 'Cheer' feature to send sounds to P1's Wiimote, P2 will have his hands full.

Transmission 6 also shows one of the galaxies in the Media Summit demo, though I don't know what it was called, it's definitely Mario Sunshine launched into orbit. FLUDD didn't make it to the party. Is it better than the Beach Bowl Galaxy?
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