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pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - May 2, 2010

Written by pikaby

Today's Japanese week! I won't be featuring individual flips today, but an entire channel of flips!

Remember cute little Ugomaru? The Japanese Flipnote Hatena 'mascot'? There's an entire channel on the website dedicated to people making flipnotes of him and his two friends, Megurin and Metabon. They're pretty stereotyped, but all for simplicity's sake, I guess.

The channel, called UgoChara can be accessed through this command code on the DSi: Y A Y down L up

And this link on the PC:

It's a channel linking all the regions of Flipnote Hatena, so anyone, even in the US and Europe, have access to it on DSi, Anyone who doesn't speak Japanese doesn't understand what the channel is meant for though, as it's spammed to the brim with the usual culprits like the Justin Bieber flips and star beggars(in the US region anyway). It's too bad they can't see what the Japanese makers have done with it. And you can always turn worldwide mode off on your PC to get a look at the JP flips.

And boy, are they good. Whole anime sequences and comics involving these three characters, sometimes even well-animated music videos.

The flip of Ugomaru and his DSi was also posted here, by the way. 

Some of the highlights of UgoChara's channel are:

This one is a simple and very well-made anime skit of all three of the Ugomaru family, complete with sitcom-style laughter whenever the characters crack a joke or do something stupid. You'd have to know Japanese to understand what's going on, but simply put, Ugomaru invites Metabon out for a walk in the park, Megurin shows up with a soccer ball and wants to play, but none of them know what soccer actually was, until they started bouncing the ball off their heads and called that soccer. Potentially a good laugh, but if you don't get it, it's still adorable.

The only thing I don't get about Hatena users, regardless of why people want to use helium voices for flips by recording it while it's slow, then speeding it up. The voices, in most cases, aren't cute, they're just annoying. This one makes pretty good use of it, though not the best I've seen. One blue star, a couple reds, and a shower of green and yellow stars. It's one of the channel's best ones! And it's done by the sub-admin, Sukai, from Japan!

If you want to view this on PC you can do so with this link:

DSi command code? Eh...this is only viewable on Japanese DSis, though: B right down B B right up down right X

Another good one, also by Sukai(he makes most of the crowd-pleasingly good ones) is the UgoChara song.

Still uses the same helium voice technique, but in this case, it fits the three little characters perfectly, and very cute. Go watch it! It's like their theme song. Shame about the lack of music though. Has over 50,000 stars, including many green stars.

Watch it here!

Because the DSi command code might not work for ya: Down B up X left R Y right down R

That's it for this week! If you enjoyed Ugomaru's flips you can always go to the channel above and browse through to your heart's content and find out how people from other regions are enjoying thier Flipnote Studio! Next week I'll be back to my regular routine so, see ya next frame!
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