Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light:- Arceus

Written by pikaby

No, I'm not talking about single-player in Pokemon Ranger 3. Everything in single-player can be easily pushed over right after you finish the game. And realize not even the final boss of the game can hold a candle up to this beast in multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer, if performed while you're alone, is pure brutality in its finest. You're gonna need to grind some serious levels to even get to Arceus, because while these missions can be done by yourself, they were clearly designed for co-op affairs. But it's a whole new level of challenge, very much separate from the main game, oand once you get into it, it feels very rewarding every time you conquer one impossible boss after the next. Pushover Pokemon in single-player mode turn up as major threats here with new attacks, far more HP than your Styler can handle, and you have a time limit on top of that.

I'm here just to show off that Arceus vid(the final multiplayer stage). It isn't mine, but that is one of the most epic battles you'll find in any Pokemon spinoff. This is as hard as it gets. I might record a few of my own too.
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