Monday, March 29, 2010

Activities @ Nintendo 5-Star

Written by pikaby

3 simple forum games going on at N5S to keep things fun! There are no prizes for these, but at least there are some things that'll keep everyone entertained while on the forums.

1. Chapter

An RP(role-play) game made by Destiny_Guy. If you already know what an RP is you can sign up right away here, but in case you don't I'll give you a quick rundown. You make a character and play their roles in a story set by the GM(game master). It's like playing an RPG, only text-based and inside a forum. Destiny Guy will be keeping track of your progress, your leveling up and stats, and your money. All you have to do, is carry out your actions, and play!

2. Guess The Pokemon

See title above. I made this game because half of our active members comprise of Pokemon fans. If you're one too, be sure to check out my riddles and try to answer them! Even if someone gets to the answer before you, just sound off and I'll give out the correct answer shortly. New questions are still being added on a regular basis, with hints if you get stuck, so check this one out.

3. Kill Mechachick! The Official Game

Started off as a random 'attack this thing' game on the Random board, but proved so popular it had to be moved up to be a N5S regular activity. Any attack, anything you can think of, just throw some hurt on the mysterious Mechachick(who, by the way, I still don't know what he looks like). Be creative! Made by forum member Crossburn.

Want in? Register at Nintendo 5-Star forums and join us!
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