Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver -Secret Wallpapers

Written by pikaby

I remember being late to the party when I got the secret Pokemon Box wallpapers for Pokemon Pearl about 2 years after playing the sure didn't help me play Pearl for a lot longer.....but I won't miss out this time! And neither should you!

There are secret box wallpapers for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, another set for Platinum, anda brand new set of eight for Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver! Use the following tool (thanks to the creator...whoever it is!)

Using this handy app here, punch in your Trainer ID and the version of Pokemon you're playing, together with your region. It will generate a list of words you need to say to a certain person hanging out in Violet City's Pokemon Center. Once you say them you get special Pokemon box wallpapers otherwise exclusive to the Daisuki club. There are also secret Pokemon Egg commands, but currently only for Japanese HG/SS.

The eight wallpapers are as follows:

Fur US copies, only the first one can be unlocked at the moment but keep looking out! will be revealing codes for the second one soon, on March 26th(that's the Spiky-Ear Pichu one).


  1. OMG, I want the Lugia or the Totodile one, That's in the Game, I want to get SoulSilver If i have the money.

  2. Awesome! These are amazing! :P

  3. How do you see the wallpapers once you have them?

  4. Go to Pokemon Box, click on the box name, and look for Wallpaper. You should see the secret ones there and switch to them.