Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introducing V~!

Written by pikaby

In January, we proposed that we make a mascot for Nintendo 5-Star. It had to be cute because, that's what most mascots are, right? I had a rough time trying to find a good design for our mascot that doesn't just involve a star with eyes and blushy cheeks...The other major problem was a name for it.

In the beginning I had envisioned the whole mascot being based around stars and the letter 'V'. Or should that be the number 'V'? 'V' in this context would symbolize the Roman numeral for 5, thus representing our '5-Star' schtick pretty well. I wanted the color of the mascot to be something other than yellow....but I caved in anyway at the end. Yellow seemed the perfect choice anyway.

So, introducing Nintendo 5-Star's new mascot! His name is simply....V! (yeah, pretty good job in solving the naming conundrum, I know.  /sarcasm)

So we get a round, soft puffball instead of a star with a face on it....I drew my inspiration from Kirby, mostly. At first I didn't want V to have feet, more of like stubs at the end instead, but that looked pretty awful on paper so I dropped that.

V's purpose around the site, for now, will be to show himself all around the blog and FAQ of our site. Let's make N5S a great one together, V~!

(note: Forum insiders have begun to call him V-kun. See this topic for more about V.)