Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mario Galaxy 2: New Trailer, Rock Mario & Light Yoshi

Written by pikaby

A new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer showcases one new power for both Mario and Yoshi. New features always get people excited, don't they? Galaxy 2 is going to be jam-packed.

Here's the trailer in question:

Some returning levels? Well, not all the worlds in Mario Galaxy 2 are all-new, I see the Honeycomb Galaxy(the one where you have to keep climbing). Based on Nintendo, 90% of the levels will be all-new, so this is probably part of the remaining 10%

There is a hub world after all(-ish). A small Mario shaped planet-starship hybrid which you use to travel across the galaxies. No more needing x amount of star power to travel to distant galaxies, you follow a stage-by-stage progression. And still it looks very open-ended

And this is your 'hub' world.
Wonder who that pudgy purple Luma is. And where's Rosalina when you want her?

On to the new powers. Rock Mario will come after Mario eats up a rock mushroom and will gain the power to roll about and bowl over enemies, literally(watch the trailer!).

And then we have Light Yoshi, when he eats up a light bulb or something and glows brightly to light your way through those annoying matter splatter ghost houses and dark areas.

A plethora of new features, and finally the bombshell:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been pushed up from June 11 to May 23rd.

Good news? The party is on, Nintendo! Bring us Galaxy 2!
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