Monday, March 29, 2010

Pokemon Game Corner slots!

Written by pikaby

No doubt you guys in every other region other than Japan missed the slots as Nintendo cut them out and replaced with something similar. It's good, but here's what it would look like if the slots were still there. Played on a Japanese copy of Pokemon Soul Silver.

They look the same and control the same, but the difference is in Smeargle over there up top. His mood changes based on whether you're being lucky or keep on getting duds(hey, don't get angry, it's not OUR fault the slots made us lose!). When Smeargle's angry there's a higher chance you'll end up with small payouts or a Replay. When Smeargle's happy you'll have a higher chance of getting the big ones, like a triple-7. If you make him mad his mood shuffles and for some reason he turns happy again(what a weird and abrupt emotional change...I wouldn't want that obsessive-compulsive Smeargle in my party).

If you line up Pokeballs or Triple-7s, a bonus game begins and you have like 15 rounds of lining up a starter Pokemon's portrait perfectly. The slots rotate in different directions, line themselves up, go crazy fast, it's tense and good fun for a while. And the payout here is good, starting from 20 coins and slowly going up and you get more correctly lined up portraits. Definitely less boring than Sinnoh's own slots.
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