Monday, March 22, 2010

Pokemon Tag Along!

Written by pikaby

In Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, you can now have a Pokemon walk behind you at all times. Yep, ANY Pokemon. Beats the Amity Square any day, and Pokemon can still pick up accessories for you. Larger Pokemon like the legendaries won't be able to follow you indoors, for obvious reasons, and Pokemon won't follow you if you're Surfing or on your Bike, but everyone knows that, right?

Subtlety is introduced by all the different interactions you can have with your Pokemon while it's following ever so closely behind you. And these interactions can differ by place.

When you're on a normal route or cave with no special features or landmarks to them, Pokemon will interact normally when you talk to them. They can dance happily, look around, look at the ground quietly, blush when it sees you, stares into space(call its name and it will be surprised), look at you charmingly, smell the scents of grass and flowers, be full of energy, snuggle up and hug you(so much love~) and so on. There's tons of them.

When your Pokemon is hurt or has a Special Condition, it will show how weak its become. Strangely enough frozen or sleeping Pokemon will still walk after you.

When you are in a large city like Goldenrod City or Saffron City, Pokemon can look around at the tall buildings.

When you are in the Goldenrod Underground or similar sub-ground places, Pokemon will play around with pieces of garbage.

When you are on a sandy beach, Pokemon will be excited when they see your footprints, and when by the side of a body of water(when the water is up to your level, like on a shoreline), Pokemon will splash around. Extra one when the sun is setting, Pokemon will look up towards the red-colored sky.

When you're in a forest route, Pokemon can look around at the trees.

When on Route 35, Pokemon will play around and kick pebbles. When it passes one to you, give it back and it will yelp with happiness.

When in a relaxing place like the Pokemon Center, New Bark Town and the National Park, Pokemon will stretch and relax, let out a big yawn, and feel drowsy. It will also want to play with you.

When standing before a challenge like a Gym or the Elite Four, Pokemon will look determined and get pumped up, ready to go. For some reason this also happens in Route 24.

When at the Pokeathlon Dome, Pokemon will want to look at the screens where the events are being played out, and their eyes will glitter when in the Trophy Room, the deepest part of the Pokeathlon Museum. Outside the Dome and in other crowded places, Pokemon will act to greet everyone around them.

When in a Team Rocket Base, Pokemon will get angry and snarl. One example is below Mahogany Town, the one with the Persian statues that summon Rocket grunts. Pokemon will look at them and growl.

When in the grave house for Pokemon in Lavender Town, Pokemon will feel sad or shiver with fright.

When in a high, cliffside route (Route 47), Pokemon will jump up towards the sky.

When in the Ice Path and other cold places, Pokemon will shiver. But most Grass and Flying-type Pokemon will not only shiver, they will shiver really badly, curl up their bodies and express strong displeasure.

When in waterside areas like the Olivine Port, Fire and Rock-type Pokemon will express fear and strong displeasure.

When in Route 14, Pokemon will look at the windmills and enjoy the seaside breeze.

1 in about 30 times the accessory the Pokemon was supposed to give you turns out to be an item the Pokemon feels important to it, and if you say yes to taking it away, the Pokemon will get angry at you for a few minutes. Talk to it and it will jump up and down angrily.

There are sure to be some more, so value your tagalong Pokemon partner and talk to it all the time!

Discuss the Pokemon interactions in our forum here!


  1. Also, your Pokemon can hug you. Best addition ever.


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