Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver is released!

Written by pikaby

By the time you're reading this it'll be the official release date of Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver in the US! And yes of course I know some of you got it early before the March 14 date, so I'm really jealous of you all lucky chaps (not :P).

Anyway for those of you still without copies of the new Pokemon, I'll do a small feature on some of the new areas you'll be visiting in Johto. You might have seen some of my shots before, even.

This links to the screenshots of the two entirely new routes to the west of Johto, Routes 47 and 48. They are accessed through Cianwood City, through a new cave opening.

This links to another set of screenshots, this time of Mt. Silver, which has been completely renewed for the new games.

New video time! This shows where the Global Terminal has been added to Johto, which is a piece of 'reclaimed land' to the left of Goldenrod City.

Another video showing where the Pokeathlon Dome is. It's also around the Goldenrod area, but right above it and next to the National Park counter. Trust me, Pokeathlon is more fun than you could imagine.

Have fun with the Johto remakes~! I'll continue on my JP copy until I get it in English.
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