Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 scans

Written by pikaby

Scans of Mario Galaxy 2, from the weekly Famitsu magazine(well, that looks like Famitsu, can't imagine any other magazine with that design).

This is the first scan, basically showing off the screens that were already in the trailer and the main crowd-puller this time being the addition of Yoshi.

Second scan, which is mostly on the new moves you can pull off while riding Yoshi, which includes Dash Yoshi (red one), Balloon Yoshi (blue one). Yoshi can eat things and catch on to hooks using his tongue. It's Mario's answer to Zelda's Hookshot and Metroid's Grapple Beam. Maybe.

Yoshi also hover jumps, spit things out to injure enemies.....what the heck, this is Yoshi we're talking about. Obvious much?

Third scan, showcasing Mario's new moves and screens of some of the new stages. You've probably seen the drill in the early trailers, and Star Pieces make a return(sure hope the Hungry Lumas come back too, how else are you going to unlock secret stages?). Giant Luma is awesome.
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