Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictorial guide to the New Mt. Silver

Written by pikaby

Remember Mt. Silver in the original Pokemon Gold/Silver games? Of course you do, after all it's the FINAL final area you'll open up after getting all 16 Gym badges(and which still makes G/S the longest games in the series) and at the summit is Red, the greatest trainer in the two lands. His team has slightly changed in Heart Gold/Soul Silver, but I'm not going into that here....All I will say is he's still just as ass-kicking hard to beat if your team is below Level 80. Pikachu is still a pushover though.

The thing about Mt. Silver's been completely redesigned for the new games! Why? Rock Climb, that's why. Parts of Mt. Silver has been made so rock faces can be climbed on using the new HM move. Oh, but it's not just that, the whole mountain has been given a rework, and it surprised me a lot. It's like another new area entirely! They never had this back in Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen.

(as with my other pictorial blogs, click the thumbnail to view a bigger pic~!)

It looks like nothing's changed when you stand outside Mt. Silver on Route 26(lol shiny Togekiss)....Go in and it's no longer the Waterfall-centric dungeon we used to remember. Waterfalls are still a part of the scenery, but they lead to dead ends with items in them. Rock Climb up the cliff and exit through the right...

...Now this is interesting. You're back out in the open in a whole new area of Mt. Silver. Scaling the side of the mountain up and down, there are several cave entrances back into the interior of Mt. Silver. It's definitely more atmospheric than in the original games, a testament to 10 years worth of progress. Most of the caves lead to items, but only one leads you further up the mountain.

Continue up Mt. Silver. You can see the waterfall area next to you. Enter the cave at the top of the stairs...

...and you enter some sort of high room that spirals upwards towards the heavens. Things lok amazing as you spin and run around the area going up, and up, and up some more...until you reach the top. There are some rocks to smash, if that catches your fancy. Exit through the cave. Remember the side art of the mountain from before? Well, you're higher up now, so the mountain side is now covered in snow. A thrilling sensation indeed~. The next few exits involve interweaving between the spiral room and the snowy exterior.

Now the terrain outside the mountain becomes more difficult, involving many small cliffs to climb up and down using Rock Climb, and then you reach yet another entrance to the inside, on the topmost platform, smack in the middle of Mt. Silver. Sounds like you're reaching the summit.

There's one more room, plain and linear, and one more long, steep Rock Climb all the way to the top of Mt. Silver. And then you exit...

The music stops and gives way to the sound of the chilling wind. Snow is falling....reminds you of Sinnoh, except now you get to experience snow in a different region. Huzzah for that :) Looking down you see nothing but sheer cliff and the're pretty high up.

Well, you're at your final stop. Good luck fighting Red!

Big change there in Mt. Silver. It's cool that Nintendo decided to rework the dungeons in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, especially those after you beat the Elite Four. The ones in the original were removed or made half-heartedly, like the Viridian Forest. With this DS remake more attention could be put into making the rest of the game epic, and this I like.

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  1. I like the redesign. I'm still a sucker for the old one, though. :<