Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Divided opinions on Nintendo 3DS

Written by pikaby

So the time has finally come and Nintendo announced to the world what their next dual-screened handheld is capable of. And mixed reactions started to come in almost immediately....But first off, to dispel the myth, 3DS is not a DS remake. If it turns out to have its own set of games that the other DS models cannot play, then it's a brand new console.

Responding almost immediately was industry rival Sony, who think playing in 3D is 'a stretch'. They say they want to focus on 3D in the home console market, on their PS3, and that their research shows not many 8 to 9 year olds play in 3D.

Them's fighting words, Sony. Next thing you know their next PSP console will also feature similar things to the 3DS, if it turns out to wow everyone at whatever event Nintendo are going to reveal it. Not so, Sony says. But we'll just wait and see then.

Feedback from analysts questioned the logic behind announcing the 3DS right before the DSi XL was about to be released in the US. Surely this will hurt sales of the gigantic DSi? The 3DS and 3D gaming could have mass appeal, but only if done right. Many people are still optimistic about the 3DS. It's sure to make waves when the first prototype casing ans debut games are shown.

Me? Put Nintendo and 3D in the same sentence and I think about the Virtual Boy. Of course I know the 3DS is nothing like that fail pair of oversized goggles and games in four shades of eye-searing red, but I can't shake that feeling off. Maybe I could get more excited when I see the console for real. 3D without the use of dorky-looking 3D glasses? New games and better graphics? Same touch control plus added motion-tilting stuff? Bring. It. On.
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