Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Steel 2 Hands On

Written by pikaby

On March 2010, a game that was shamed for being too ambitious, which resulted in sloppy controls, returns to the Wii gaming scene with a vengeance. And armed with Wii Motion Plus. None other than Red Steel, which has desperately tried to redeem itself by convincing us that it's still trying to be a good game.

And kudos to Ubisoft this time, for my first hour with the game was nothing short of epic. I won't post any screens this time because the early leaked gameplay videos have probably covered everything I went through, so you should check that out here.

Okay, so here goes:

00.01 I see the Ubisoft logo engulfed in sand. Forgot I had to attach the MotionPlus.
00.02 WHAT? Only one save file......oh. There's three. My bad.
00.04 After choosing a difficulty and messing around the options screen for subtitles, I see some hands, presumably my character, tied to a bike. The punk wants to drag me along till my arms rip off. How brutal.
00.05 After that wild rollorcoaster ride I get on my feet and finally get to move. I'm being told my sword got stolen.
00.07 Will the crazy bad guy throwing insults at me I keepon running out of the tunnel with my gun. I shot all the boxes, bottles, and containers I saw. Money!
00.10 I see some old dude tied up and being bullied, so like some sort of all-saving hero I get to him. Oh. He's actually from the clan that exiled me and scolded me or something.....I dunno, I never did play Red Steel 1.
00.11 Training time. It's not just the old guy who's teaching me how to wave a Motion-Plus enabled sword around, there's a typical Wii-playing woman showing me how to wave it properly, all the while with that stupid grin on her face like you see in all those Wii adverts.
00.13 It's not as accurate as Wii Sports Resort, but it works very well too. I finish training and am supposed to go into the dojo for my first mission. The old dude just sits there cross-legged. I try to shoot him but all my bullets go past him. WTF.
00.16 I finish killing a few Jackals. Not bad for my first try, I must say. Didn't stop the dojo master from calling me sloppy.
00.19 More training, this time to dodge. Why the heck didn't you teach me that before? Also some training on a 'Secret Strike' called the Rush, which involves long-range stabbing.
00.24 I go into the next part of the city and take on one or two more missions. How'd the old dojo man teleport from one place to the next without me noticing?
00.26 Cowboy towns seem to have the most advanced and futuristic doors ever made. Long waiting times before the doors open kinda feels like it's hiding the load time from me, a la Metroid Prime.
00.27 Something screams at me to shoot it. I did, and it's a Sheriff Coin, worth $3000! Tons of little secrets in this semi-free roaming world.
00.35 Look at my money grow- in no time I had racked up about $40,000. Thanks in part to the enemies too, killing them with style nets you more cash. You don't have to worry about your health, when you're attacked, you're attacked in a group. Clear out the resistance, and your health goes back to max. Your ammo does not.
00.39 I reach the third safe house manned by some eccentric sheriff of the town. They all have so-so voice acting skills. Nothing on par with No More Heroes 2.
00.41 I activated the nearby comm tower and blasted through a few more enemies with my newly acquired The Guillotine secret strike.
00.45 I crack open my first safe. The mechanic is sweet, place the remote next to your ear and listen out for the tumblers in the safe to unlock it. And made possible only because of Motion Plus. I love Nintendo.
00.50 I learn The Storm, a 360 degree spinning whirlwind of doom with my sword. For some reason the crazy attacks in RS2 don't make me dizzy in the least. Maybe I'm just good at this.
00.55 Blowing up trucks is fun. Going through rubbish to get a few hundred dollars every time is addicting.
01.00 I beat Payne, the area boss. That's one ugly mug...

I never thought the cowboy/samurai/ninja fusion would work out on a character, and it did. I still don't know who he is, except that he was once from the Kusagari clan, which I have absolutely no idea what is. Something behind the scenes is going on, guess it's up to me to investigate....

Oh, and random screenshot.

If I had a dollar for every funny caption I could think for this picture, I could buy another copy of Red Steel 2.
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