Friday, March 12, 2010

Top 5 Flipnotes!

Written by pikaby 

Those with DSi's should know the Flipnote Studio, and you've probably downloaded it (if you haven't, go do it now) and messed around with the tools. I've made two crappy flipnotes already and uploaded both to Flipnote Hatena (GIVE ME STAAARRSSS)

Okay to be honest most flipnotes on Hatena are either clones of one another or tons of lame pleas for stars. There were two which kept coming up more than any other. One was a static picture with KFC's Colonel Sanders plastered on it, repeatedly saying 'Give me stars and I'll give you chicken'. Star beggars usually don't get far though, and to truly shine in Hatena you'd do well to make a really good, creative flipnote. Here are five of my favorites.

Note: DSi commands are for the US region only.

DSi command: R B left R down L B A L down

This is a true gem of a Flipnote, imported from UK. Stars Professor Layton lecturing Luke on being a gentleman which according to him, involves not asking a driver why he is going 50 over the limit(includes all traffic cops), not slamming doors and not responding to OVER 9000!!!

'WHAT NINE THOUSAND?!' *Luke gets slapped*

Layton fans will get a kick out of this. I guarantee epic lulz!


DSi command: X Y R B A Y left down down L

Partial remake of the same music video on Youtube (see it here) but the person behind this flipnote made it a whole lot cuter. Still gives me the laughs every time I see it. I'M A BANANA, I'M A BANANA, I'M A BANANA, LOOK AT ME MOVE!


DSi command: up B left X B up A left up right

Japanese people make the best flipnotes, and that's a fact. But you can't view JP flipnotes on a US Nintendo DSi, so someone with both transferred this cute and wonderful Kirby music video over to our region. Very, very well made. I admire the skill put into this.


DSi command: A B L B X X L X L Y

Random rap about McDonalds and ordering supersize burgers and Dr. Pepper through the drive through. Not as lame as I first thought, so it was a genuine surprise.


DSi command: up R B left Y up Y R right L

Another Japanese flipnote imported to the US region. It's only about a second long, showing a Pichu walking towards you with a maple leaf. He hops a little and gives the leaf to you. It's all so well-animated that it's believable. You might want to go grab that's a present~! Adorable to the max.
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