Friday, March 19, 2010

Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light new videos!

Well aren't I slow. I've only begun to really get into the game, I'm about 20 hours in. Here's two more things I found interesting in the game.

Ukulele Pichu's upgrades

From the beginning of the game, Ukulele Pichu's assist can be upgraded once, twice, three times, each time the tune getting longer and Pichu playing more frantically. And then the finale! A giant bolt of paralyzing lightning!

Here's the video of it!


After a rather late mission towards the end of the game, you FINALLY get your hands on Latios and its Ranger Sign, which looks a lot like a paper plane with two loose ends(don't ask, that's what I thought it looked like). Latios has its own Pokeassist in the sky too, and it flies faster than your regular ride. Think of Staraptor as your old car, and Latios is the shiny new Porsche. It needs better suspension though, Staraptor can turn better than Latios.

Video of summoning Latios and its PokeAssist.
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