Monday, March 29, 2010

Red Steel 2 get!

Written by pikaby

As of press time I've gotten a copy of Red Steel 2 (finally), and my hands-on report on it will come after I've had some real time with the game. And finish up whatever I have left to do...all those Pokemon games kinda wore me down a bit, haha.

From the opening cutscene so far it looks very slick and the graphics are clean and polished. I have to say there probably aren't many Wii games that look better than it. Sword is controlled with the Motion Plus, and while not as accurate as Wii Sports Resort, it still works like a charm. And gunslinging is fun. Ratting out trash cans and bottles for money(who the hell are these rich bastards stuffing money everywhere?) is even more fun, and you'll be needing a lot of cash.

Well, stay tuned for my hands-on!
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