Monday, March 15, 2010

Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light- Flying

Written by pikaby

One more for the record! This will probably be my last blog on Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light right up to my review of the game.

Remember how you used Staraptor to fly in Pokemon Ranger 2? The same flying mechanic is back and injected a dose of awesome factor.

You still have to capture a Staraptor normally, but the difference is when you use its Fly ability. You no longer teleport directly to your destination! Instead, the game brings you up to the skies to control Staraptor! You hold the stylus on the Touch Screen to move forward, and drag it left and right to turn.

The above shots show you what its like on the bottom and top screens. Line up Staraptor with the landmarks on your map and hit the down arrow on the screen to go down.

You can capture Pokemon in the sky too, by chasing them down first and then coming into contact. However, capturing in the sky is slightly different from regular captures.

1) You cannot use any PokeAssists
2) Counteracts above disadvantage nicely...your Capture Line cannot be broken when the wild Pokemon comes into contact with it.

Finding this new sysrtem cumbersome and want to get to your destination fast? Nintendo doesn't disappoint. Hit the button on the lower right to bring up a menu of locations, pick one, and you instantly teleport there!

Full video here for details.
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