Friday, May 21, 2010

Buildings modeled after Games Consoles

Written by pikaby

Once in a while something outrageous related to games pops up. Today it's massive. Some French magazine decided to dream up what a few popular games consoles would look like as real buildings. If you were President you could probably do this. If you had billions of dollars in bribes, a penchant for games and too much free time.

That DS one loos way too precarious though. Hopefully the top screen is well supported, else it'll fall off if an ogre decides to pick it up and slot in a giant concrete-made copy of New Super Mario Bros.
The DS as made out with bricks, tiles, glass, and a D-pad shaped helipad. Smug.
Another Nintendo homage! What's in the cartridge slot?
The only one which won't have engineers up in arms when asked about structure stability. A Wii would work fine too, mind.
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