Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pokemon Black/White Starters revealed- Pt. 2

Written by pikaby had the names for a day already, but they weren't confirmed so I didn't write them out here but now they're, so far, confirmed to be true.

The Grass starter is 'Tsutaaja', the Fire starter is 'Pokabu' and the Water starer is 'Mijumaru'. So we have a snake, a pig (why do Fire starter Pokemon get all the generic animals? Lizard, mouse, chick, monkey?), and a sea otter. I wouldn't be surprised if their US names are once again some uncreative mashups of two different words, but who knows? Wanna try guessing what they'll be called in English?

More updates from Pokebeach about the 5th Gen games.

-That picture of the Isshu region above is a shot of a city, known as Hiun City. How high-tech can you get?
-Zoroark's ability mimics its power from the movie, Illusion, which makes it take on the appearance of other Pokemon(though how this will affect its ability to fight is still unknown)
-Trickery and Claw Sharpen are two new 5th Gen attacks, presumably also from Zoroark.
-The shiny Raikou, Entei and Suicune brought over from the movies can be traded into Black/White for a chance at snagging Zoroark (Lv25). Does that mean Zoroark is an event legendary? If so damn him. There goes all similarities to Lucario.
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