Friday, May 7, 2010

Nintendo thinks it has Won Console Race

Written by pikaby

 (Okay I'm not one to use gifs on blogs but this sums up Nintendo's celebration at the moment)

Sourced from Kotaku, Iwata bluntly states that Nintendo has already won the wars for this console generation, and now sees Apple as a threat for the next one, especially as its competitor for the 3DS.

Yep, Nintendo has won this battle fair and well. Let's see them push and break even higher boundaries in the next console cycle!

Oh, and about Apple? I wouldn't worry too much- they're not direct competition with the 3DS. It's a smartphone which plays games, while the 3DS is an all-around, pure gaming machine. Even before this people have stated that the PSP wasn't in direct competition with the DS due to it having multimedia features.
Nintendo has, and will always be, a bona fide games maker
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