Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gamespot gives Super Mario Galaxy 2 a perfect 10

Written by pikaby

Left and right, nearly every glaze-eyed critic has been handing down a perfect score for the sequel to 2007's Game of the Year. EDGE Magazine's 10 was amazing enough. Then came the 10 from IGN. Then the near-perfect 9.7 from Gametrailers. And now, even the usually Nintendo-shafting Gamespot has handed down its verdict for Mario Galaxy 2- another perfect 10. It's a miracle. Galaxy 2 was so great as to break their trend of never awarding a single DS/Wii game with their Editor's Choice awards since Mario & Luigi 3 from last year. The perfect 10 even eclipses the score given by Gamespot to Red Dead Redemption (a 9.5), another stellar game released alongside Galaxy 2 for the PS3/X360.

Galaxy 2 earned 12, yes twelve, achievement emblems from Gamespot, including 'Outstanding Graphic Design' and 'Great Sequel' among others. What a rare feat for a Nintendo game to please even Gamespot. Or maybe they're trying to avoid another Twilight Princess-like outbreak of angry fans. Ah, who cares, everyone enjoys the game.

Read their review here.
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