Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WarioWare DIY: Nintendo Week

Written by pikaby

Watched Nintendo Week lately? Hosts Gary and Alison may not be the best actors on the planet, but they did make a clever little WarioWare DIY feature spanning two weeks of shows, which resulted in them 'graduating' from a game-making university headed by a crackpot professor, and succeeded in making their own games. I've always wondered why their games never showed up here for download by fans of the show, even if they are just simple tap microgames.

This week, with the Big Name Games section finally starting to cool down, Nintendo have finally given us access to both Gary and Alison's microgames, pointing to in-jokes and events in Nintendo Week. The show's cheesy, but that's the charm.

Who stole Alison's lunch? Who else? Dark Gary, amirite?

And then there's Gary reenacting the 'chicken incident' from an earlier episode in February or so.

Both are as simple as they get, but what do you expect, since they made their games in full view of everyone in Nintendo Channel? Besides, I still love them.
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