Sunday, May 16, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - May 16, 2010

Written by pikaby
And here we are again, another week's of compiled flipnotes made by great people for your entertainment! Which ones will I be featuring today?

Is that Mario? I always knew the flagpole at the end of 1-1 was too heavy to withstand that pizza-face's weight. That's not the reason why the flagpole actually fell though. Luigi was the one behind it. As Mario completes the level Luigi pees all over his show by crashing the flagpole on top of Mario.


The flipnote, made by Gaige, is titled LPM. Probably short for 'Luigi pwns Mario' or something. Ask him if you want to, but I stand by what I said. Ten cents if it's not 'Luigi pwns Mario'. It's doing pretty well at 30,000 stars and more than 10 green ones.

If you're interested you can follow this link:

Or type in this code on DSi: X R left left X down A R L X

And the next one!

If only more people had more patience to do detailed background like this one. Myself included.

A cute looping animation of Alice (you know, that Alice? Alice in Wonderland? Alright, I've made myself clear enough) eating a mushroom and drinking potions to grow and shrink. Lovely style. Also worth mentioning that I found this right after Tim Burton remade Alice in Wonderland for the movies early this year. Probably inspired by the movie? I'm thinking yes.

Raia made this flip. I think I've featured one flip from this person before though- I can't put my finger on which one.  Anyway, this flip is also the recipient of more than 30,000 yellow stars and a handful of greens, along with one red star from a big fan. Even Japanese Flipnote Hatena users were impressed with this. Just check the comments!

For Alice in Wonderland, click this link:

Or view it on your DSi: B down Y B X up X R right X

Now, before I go, a word about people offering free Nintendo Points on Flipnote Hatena in exchange for whoever adds the most stars...

Almost all of them are scams. There have been one or two genuine points contests before, but they're extremely hard to come by with all the scammers around ruining everyone's day. I'm sure if you're an active Hatena user you might have run into more than a couple of these yourself. I shall name and shame Master X.

This isn't the first false points contest he has run- in fact, I visited his channel and it was full of it, there were at least three points contest, all of which no prizes were given out, and several color star contests all meant to scam. Just to try it out I entered one of his recent contests and won, which was the one shown above, and it ended on May 10. True enough, it's been a week and still no reply from Master X whatsoever.

It's hard to find trustworthy Nintendo Points contests on Flipnote Hatena, if at all. But good news is you can always remove stars from flipnotes if you want to, so you don't have to feel scammed. Just take them off- simple enough.

Alright, I have another week full of good flips, but next week's stuff is for...well, next week, so see you all on the next frame!

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  1. hey this is Gaige, lol yes lpm does stand for "luigi pwns mario" ;)