Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pokemon 5th Gen: Reshiram and Zekrom

Written by pikaby

The two flagships of Pokemon Gen 5 was revealed simultaneously on BOTH Pokemon of Japan and in the US as well. Details? Read on.
The names 'Reshiram' and 'Zekrom' are staying for both languages, not a single letter should be changed once the product is released. It's nearly sort of a yin-yang relationship- Reshiram, the white Pokemon, is the main legend in the Black version, and the jet black Zekrom is the star of the White version. According to the Japanese Pokemon site, " each of them are Legendary Pokemon that have a big connection to the history of the Isshu region and hold the important key to the story". Reminds me of Dialga and Palkia, except the two of them have an even more stronger design resemblance to Yugioh monsters than ever before. Well I guess Pokemon design is now less and less on being simple shapes. Did I mention Zekrom looks like a Gundam mech? No? Well I want him. White version here I come!

Boxart for Black/White. Simple? Red/Blue used to look like this too.

Pokemon Daisuki Club have called them legendary Dragon Pokemon, and a handy email sent out to members (and subsequently spread all over the internet), revealed some tantalizing details of things to come. This was translated by

What are the differences between Pocket Monsters Black and Pocket Monsters White?

Other than how to meet the legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom, things like encountered Pokemon and Pokemon encounter rates differ between the two versions! You can enjoy trading Pokemon that only appear in one version by using the local wireless and Wi-Fi connections with your family, friends, and players from all over the country! There is another big version difference as well, which we will reveal later! We'll keep showing you detailed information on the Pokemon Daisuki Club website! Don't miss it!!

Encounter rates shouldn't be anything new, Wi-Fi is a given, but another big version difference? I hope it's not just looks they're talking about.

Another part which I found worrying was, whatever Pokebeach stated, the code on the bottom right corner of the box. DS games are labeled as NTR on the front, and this means they can be played on any DS without any hiccups. But look again. Black/White's box doesn't have NTR in it, it's TWL. Are there exclusive features for these two games? For DSi or for the 3DS? Whatever the case this means both will no longer be region free. Importers cry foul.


  1. 110% sure it wont be region locked
    Also it's now actually been officially announced on the official american website, and the european nintendo website as a new DS game, so it won't be on 3DS as this hasn't even been properly announced yet. Also, it's only DSiware that's region locked, they won't lock cartridges and tehy won't be as stupid as sony to make games download only.

  2. I'm getting the white version too. I think Zekrom is AWESOME!! I think it'll wreck.