Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pokemon Black/White features slightly revamped battle system

Written by pikaby

Some of you may want to take the title for granted, since it hasn't changed from the turn based combat we all know and love, but some new things have been added in the heat of a Pokemon battle.

The camera can now zoom in and out for certain situations in a battle, and Pokemon animate during their attacks, like in the 3D Pokemon games. No, actual animation this time, not moving right a little bit when the Pokemon uses Tackle. Finally a feature that could have been in Pokemon games for years has now been added to the 5th Gen games. Pokemon fans keen on learning every subtle little detail change in their games, rejoice! (no, it's nothing to laugh about, I'm one of those people too. Count me in the Poke-excitement- all of it!)

Oh, but me saying that isn't as exciting as actually seeing it? Well you're in luck- Pokemon Sunday's update this week shows footage of the battle scenes, which clearly shows the Pokemon moving all the time, not remaining static any more! Also there is footage of the marketplace in Hiun City, which sees the main characters moving around and nothing more. People around you talk when you're not talking and walk away on their own, and the screen can get pretty busy at times- something not seen before in Pokemon.

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