Monday, May 10, 2010

Super Mario Bros. League of Extraordinary Heroes

Written by pikaby

A Mario Galaxy fanfic penned by our fellow member, Daisyfan! The story is set after the events of the first Mario Galaxy, so it's technically Mario Galaxy 2 before Mario Galaxy 2 was announced (it'd been worked on for quite some time already). To be honest, there's a semblance of some real story in a Mario world, unlike the real Mario Galaxy 2. Nintendo needs storytelling lessons.

Here's the Prologue for the fanfic! Interested? There's three chapters up now in our forum too!

Mario walked back to his seat, looking over at Peach. She was sleeping; it was a long plane ride back to the Mushroom Kingdom. She was beautiful, even when she wasn’t awake. Her light complexion and long yellow hair. Mario was in love, and was happy that he finally had a vacation with her with no problems. It had only been three weeks since he drove away Bowser from taking over the galaxy and Mario was wiped out. He knew Bowser wasn’t finished but he was certain Bowser wouldn’t return any time soon. The toad pilot came over the speaker he said “We will be arriving in Mushroom Kingdom in twenty minutes”. Mario decided it was the perfect time to time to take a quick nap.

“Ah! Mario! We have to get out of here!” Peach screamed. Mario awoke from his nap to his panic around him. They were still in the air. “What’s going on here? Peach! Are you ok?” Mario screamed as he gasped for air, he was in shock. The plane was nose diving towards Peach’s Castle. “I’m fine, I woke up to an explosion and woke you up immediately, I don’t know what happened to the pilots” Peach replied. Mario ran to the flight deck, practically falling down as the plane got steeper and steeper. Mario entered the flight deck to find both of the toads dead, and all the controls destroyed by what seemed to be an explosion. Mario used a phone in the flight attendants quarters to contact the toad emergency crew, but it seemed the explosion caused all power to go out. They were going to die, and take half of Peach’s Castle with them.

Peach ran into the flight attendant’s quarters, and opened cupboard containing a few parachutes. As Peach lifted the bags she noticed they caught fire, and that the whole plane would catch fire in no time. As Peach looked for some means to secure a safe landing Mario searched for an exit. The main hanger doors were sealed shut and the windows were too small for them to jump out of them. They would have to jump out of the flight decks windshield. “Peach, we may be able to catch a paratroopa in the sky, if jump now…” A tear fell down Peach’s face. She said “I love you Mario” as they held hands and jumped out of the window.

To their surprise a pink beam of light surrounded and levitated them. “Mario, what is this?” Peach exclaimed. As Mario began to respond they were transported to an all so familiar star station.


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