Sunday, May 23, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - May 23, 2010

Written by pikaby

Well hello again! Due to how busy I was I could only compile two good flipnotes this week, but I'll be back for more next week after I've finished my own DSiWare games! So, which pair of flipnotes am I featuring today?

The one on the top is 'Ding-Dong Ditch'. The original flipnote is on the UK Flipnote Hatena by a maker called 'kevin', and LJ from the US imported the flip over to the US Flipnote for all of us to see! It's a quality flipnote, so no complaints here. It's a classic real world prank carried out in sunny Mushroom Kingdom. Ring the bell, run away before the owner comes to answer the door, laugh, repeat until you die. Or until Luigi comes by and stops the misfit Koopalings before being smacked in the face by a frustrated, pranked Daisy.

It's worth a laugh, because this is a good effort in the world of Flipnote, and not many flips last more than 20 seconds long, so enjoy watching it for a bit! Great sound effects to match, and is that Toy Time Galaxy in the background music? Nice! The import flipnote has 85 thousand yellow stars, 18 greens a red and a blue on the time of writing.

PC users, stop by this link:

And DSi owners have this command code to punch in: Down up down A up up Y Y L up

Next flipnote!

Another skillfully put together mini-film about a cafe where all Nintendo characters converge. It's like those old Cartoon Network ads where all its signature characters coexist in a single universe, that kind of thing. Kirby shows up and takes a peek at the menu while all the usual goings-on occur at the Nintendo Cafe. You'll be convinced you're watching it for real.

Kirby sees Jigglypuff not too far off. Well, she's the natural love interest, them being the same color and shape and all, and Kirby goes over to say hi. Cute, and fluidly animated, with very nice touches. As bluepanda said, this took her forever to make, and I'm inclined to believe her( I can't make 50 frames even if my life depended on it, haha). The effort paid off big, apparently, two hundred thousand yellow stars, lots of green and one red star later and bluepanda is one of the most recognizable people in Flipnote Hatena US. Not bad, eh?

You can check out Nintendo Cafe here:

Or see it from your DSi: Y right Y R B down A down R up

Alright, gotta bolt, cause I'm busy trying to make next week's feature a bit more special so, see you next frame!
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