Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nintendo's way of promoting Mario Galaxy 2

Written by pikaby

GoNintendo got it, I ignored cause I assumed it was their exclusive property. Then Kotaku got it. Fine, I'll talk about it here then, for posterity.

This was a Yoshi egg sent to Kotaku, and like GoNintendo's egg, there was a small Yoshi and an SD card inside it. (read more~!)

Holy crap, 2 gigabytes? What's in it then? ...Some high-res shots of Mario Galaxy 2 which we've already seen before on various trailers before this, and baby Luma 'Chico' s official art.

There's more screenshots, but I'll leave it to you to visit Kotaku. (or GoNintendo...hey give them credit, they got it first!)

I love how Nintendo comes up with crazy ways to promote their games to the media people. This isn't the first time they've pulled off something like this, or something even loopier than this. Maybe I could gather some info.
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