Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Mario Bros. League of Extraordinary Heroes- Chapter 2

I'm counting the prologue out of this, so number 3 is technically 2. Credits to fellow member Daisyfan for the fanfic!

Chapter 3: Castle in waste

Peach looked downward, her castle consumed with flames. She thought about all the lives that were likely lost. She looked over at Mario “Mario, what are we to do, my castle. . .” Peach started to tear up. Mario looked into Peach’s eyes “I have faith in our comrades, faith in Luigi, faith in Daisy. All cannot be lost.” As they finally landed on the ground Peach ran towards her castle, Mario tried to stop her but knew it was useless; she needed to see for herself. As she came closer she noticed something to the side of her. She turned around to see Toadsworth, Toadette, and dozens of other toads. “Peach, the castle was completely evacuated, but. . .”. “But what, what do you mean?” Peach replied. “The last time I saw Daisy and Luigi, they were in the castle milady. I’m not certain if they survived.” Toadsworth broke his stare at Peach.

Mario overheard the conversation and ran for the castle. They couldn’t be lost he thought, they were stronger than that. Mario ran towards the flames and entered the castle. The castle was mostly destroyed, most of the back had collapsed, and the front was on fire. It would be dangerous, but he had to risk it. As Mario entered the castle all he could hear was the crackle of flames. The smoke had consumed most of the room, but his sight was improved by the powers given by Rosalina, so he moved on. As he moved through the rubble he heard a small cough. The cough was faint, but if it lasted only a few more seconds Mario could find who was making the noise. As Mario got closer he saw a bright flash. He ran towards it, tripping over other rubble. He ran as quickly as he could, the light seemed to be getting closer. Mario saw the light, it was right in his face, he jumped towards it, but as he did he noticed there was nothing under his feet. Mario turned around and grabbed onto the nearest thing. He was dangling over the edge of the castle; the entire back side was collapsed. There was nothing else onward. Mario pulled himself up, wondering, if not there, where had the cough come from.

Mario turned around to travel back into the flame consumed front side of the castle, but as he did he noticed a figure coming closer to him, it was Daisy, and she seemed to be yelling something. “Mario jump, quick” she cried. Mario was in shock, Daisy ran closer to him and push him out of the castle, with her coming right after. Mario, screaming, looked up into the castle. A small spinning spacecraft came flying out, with Luigi in its clamp arms. Mario landed on the ground with a large thump; thankfully the fall wasn’t far enough to do any damage. Daisy pulled him up and started running away from the castle, “Run, its Tatanga, Tatangas back” Daisy screamed as they ran. “We need to find cover before we can get Luigi back”. They both hid behind a large piece of broken off castle. “Daisy, what’s going on here? Why is Tatanga here?” Mario said as he gasped for air. Daisy replied “He’s a part of Bowser Jr.s army, he was looking for Peach, and apparently he’s the one who set fire to the plane. We need to rescue Luigi, and make sure Tatanga doesn’t escape, on the count of three we attack, One . . . two . . . Three!”. As Tatanga’s space ship flew by Daisy and Mario jumped on top of it. Mario decided to take care of Tatanga, as Daisy went for Luigi.

The metal clamp had Luigi tight, but Daisy knew she could get him out of it. The fact that the craft was in the air made Daisy unbalanced, but she wasn’t going to let Luigi get captured. Meanwhile Mario started punching the glass of Tatangas shield out. As the glass smashed upon Tatanga, Mario punched him. Tatanga got up from his seat and started chocking Mario, Mario was able to get out of his grasp and kick him to the edge of the craft. As Tatanga grabbed the side Mario released the clamp on Luigi, and he and Daisy fell to the ground. “If it isn’t Mario, it’s nice to finally see you again” Tatanga said in a taunting voice. “You can’t win now, I have you beat” Mario replied. “Oh Mario, how naïve of you, this is only a distraction to what is truly about to happen” Tatanga said as he jumped up and kicked Mario out of his spacecraft. As Mario landed Daisy and Luigi rushed to help him. “Mario, is everything alright? What did Tatanga say?” Daisy asked. “He said this was a distraction, but what does he…” A thought dawned on Mario. “Peach! Where is Peach? That is what the distraction was for; they’re going to capture Peach.” Mario said as they all ran back towards the front of the castle.

Peach knew she would have to get the toads into town, if Tatanga was attacking she wouldn’t have much time. She told them to follow Toadsworth into town and stay indoors. But Toadsworth disagreed “Milady, you must come with us, it is my job to make sure you are not to be harmed.” Toadsworth motioned for Peach to follow him. “Toadsworth, I can’t, if I follow I will put all the toads in danger, I will stay and assist Mario, goodbye Toadsworth, stay safe” Peach said as she waved goodbye. Peach then ran back to the castle, which now was completely decimated, she was sad, but she knew there was nothing she could do, she couldn’t let the destruction of her castle affect her, especially since she knew she may have to fight.

As Peach searched for her friends she noticed it was to quiet, but she wondered why. Had they defeated Tatanga she thought. Peach decided to investigate further, as she did she saw her friends running towards her screaming her name. Wow she thought, could they be that excited to see her. Peach smiled, as she watched her friends, but then she noticed they were pointing, but not at her, past her. Peach turned around to see Wendy O. Koopa and Bowser Jr. in Bowser’s clown flying machine. Peach attempted to run. But as she did she was hit but a glowing ring of light, rendering her unconscious. Wendy picked her up and they flew away, with Tatanga right behind them.

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