Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phoenix Wright 1's Final Episode available now as WiiWare DLC

Written by pikaby


Why is the fifth case separate from the rest of Phoenix Wright 1, and not as part of the package? I call ripoff!

Ah, but remember, the original version on GBA (Gyakuten Saiban) didn't have five cases in it, but ended on the fourth one. The final case is exclusive to the DS remake and is now being brought to Wiiware for a mere 100 extra points. Considering this particular case is a long, meandering conspiracy, it's well worth those points. The final case is called 'Rise From The Ashes'. It's a real fan favorite.

But strange, I had the impression that the final case was released long ago in tandem with Phoenix Wright 1 on WiiWare. Guess I was mistaken.
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