Sunday, May 30, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - May 30, 2010

Written by pikaby

And here we are again! I found a lot of bright new Flipnote-making talent this week. No star beggars and lame spin-offs guaranteed! Which flips will I be showing today?
The one above is a Japanese flipnote brought to you from our favorite importer Daas. Right as the 5th Gen Pokemon starters were revealed, some bright Japanese guy made a superb fluid animation of all three of them attacking. With some refinement, this might just be a darn tootin' anime opening for the Black/White season! Or at least a part of don't see many flipnotes of this caliber being made every day.  It's amazing, and it loops on its own! The one problem I have with it is he used his own voice for Pokabu's fire attack. When you're blowing into the mic it's extremely obvious and sounds really rough. But forget that one sound- it's a short flip, but real effort was put into this. Bravo!

The success is rubbing off onto Daas too. Lots of colored stars, including numerous reds and blues were showered upon him.

PC users, go nuts at

And DSi users prepare to hold your jaw up: Y X X X B B Y B Y Y

Best flipnote I've seen in ages, and that's saying something. Puts most of the others to shame. But enough praise, let's move on to the next praiseworthy flipnote!

More Pokemon! This one isn't as outstanding as the first, but still manages to hold its own because I know for sure these battle scenes aren't easy to animate. Chikorita vs. Jigglypuff, with the leaf toddler winning eventually, then seen cheering Jiggs up. Ignore the 'Add Stars' notice at the end, that's not what you came for right? You want to add stars not just for liking Pokemon, but because this flip is some kind of awesome! And as with any flipnote with the 'Add Stars' notice, it gets spin-offed by star beggars worldwide. Philistines.

The battle scene is lovely, but with a questionable song choice. 'It's My Life'? I could think of something better to tack onto the background tunes. Tons of stars, again. Made by Enrique of the US.

PC users, be amazed!

DSi users, be amazed x2! Left L A down X A Y left A up

And onto the third one!

Hypnotic! Like ice like ice love it, you cannot resist ice cream....

*goes to eat some ice cream*

Spin off for a contest, and it's not half bad. If anything I laughed a bit after being weirded out. It's the subject matter that counts here, not the Flipnote's skill. Go watch it! Made by Himura Inaru, but strangely enough this person is on the US Flipnote. I guess this comes from being able to enter Japanese characters as your DSi username. Earned 5 red stars for winning the contest and 5000 more from generous ice-cream lovers.

Drool at

And DSi users at Right X R B Y Y Y B left right

Alright, thats all for today's feature! Hope you enjoyed the good flipnotes this time and hopefully there's more to come next week! Look forward to it!
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