Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Koopa's Hell

Written by pikaby

Does CollegeHumor allow embedding?...Yeaaah.....no. Oh well, I guess it won't hurt to give a link to the video. Ever wondered what happened to the Koopa shell you jumped on and it bounces back and forth between two pipes/obstacles forever? No one ever thought about what the poor turtle was thinking of before.


Actually, in a real Mario game, all you do is advance a little bit more into the stage and if you back-track, the bouncing shell is no more. Either it disappears or the Koopa is back out again and walking like nothing happened. Not so much of a bouncing hell now.

But still...What goes on in the mind of the Koopa? WHAT GOES ON IN THE MIND OF THE KOOPA!!!!! IN HIS ENDLESS BOUNCING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario's being so sadistic, lol.
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