Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Met Pokemon Zero, Victini!

Written by pikaby
Yes, it's a blog about the fairly interesting Gen 5 Pokemon with the fairly interesting Pokedex number.

To be fairly honest I wasn't that excited to see Victini for the first time, unlike the gummy bear Rankurusu. It didn't seem as cute or as well-designed as any other 'mascot Pokemon' there has been to date...At first glance I thought of Digimon, then slightly deeper in it shifted to one of them, Patamon. All the colors used for Victini are exactly the same as Patamon...Want proof?

The exact two shades of orange and the same big blue eyes. I call ripoff. The concept behind each of their creation process is different however, and as I began to learn more about Victini I began to like it more. It's pretty decent, and kinda cute, though not to the same degree as the rest of the Pokemon I usually obsess over. V here obviously stands for 'Victory'. See the V sign Victini is making with his little hand? Wonder if he'll be based around the 'winner/loser' theme. Hey, every other cute legendary was based around something. He'd better not be as arrogant as Shaymin was in his movie.

We first saw Victini at the end of a 14th Pokemon movie teaser, featuring Reshiram and Zekrom (Pokebeach did this one). Victini, then unnamed, was shown waving to the audience at the very end with the message 'see you in the theatres!' 14th movie confirmed to star Victini? I think so.

It's also confirmed to be a legendary Pokemon with an Isshu Pokedex number that would make MissingNo. jealous- #000. Blasphemy! MissingNo is and will always be the number zero! It's there in Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3! It even has its own Pokedex entry when it isn't busy destroying your game save files.

This shot is from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.

But I's only number zero in the Isshu Dex, and not the National Dex. But why put it there in the first place? There's always an extra slot after Zekrom ends the list, you know. Which brings us to its National Dex number. Is it after Arceus(#493) and before Tsutaaja(#494, #495 if Victini goes here), or will logic kick in and place it right after Zekrom? But for all we know, the two box legendaries could be right in the middle of the Pokedex just for laughs. Oh Game you enjoy messing with the games.

It's also a legendary that's decently cute and given away at Wi-fi promotion periods, which draws comparisons to the likes of Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy and Shaymin. Victini, when stacked up against any of those five Pokemon, doesn't stand a chance. It's not good enough. But factor out the five cute legendaries and Victini can stand on its own as a pretty good Pokemon. Now all we need to know is its better not be Psychic again, we're already overloaded with them in Gen 5 as it is (Rankurusu, Gochiruzeru,  Munna/Musharna...even Koromori).

Now I know this all sounds like geek talk, but it's all true. Really, tell me Victini is cuter than any of the five Pokemon I mentioned. It's not, right? Oh yeah, and ignore anyone who tries to tell you Victini looks like a penis. Those are the same people who try to visualize every other Pokemon as resembling genitals every other day.


  1.  Considering how many Digimon came out that resemble already existing Pokemon, I don't think Digimon is in any position to call rip-off just because a color-scheme is similar!

  2. Actually Victini has a more red color than Patamon. So, I wouldn't say it is a rip-off